How to Increase Productivity Through the Automation of Workforce Management Tasks

Save time and money each week by streamlining management tasks

How to Increase Productivity Through the Automation of Workforce Management Tasks


We as business owners are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity, be more efficient, and improve our bottom line. With the aid of technology, it might not be that far of a stretch. We may find that tech solutions are often overlooked in the construction vertical. Whether it is a lack of knowledge or feelings of overwhelm, I assure you, it isn’t as complicated as it might seem.

Productivity up, profits up

According to a McKinley report, almost every industry in the past 2 decades has increased their productivity by at least 3x. Contrarily, the construction sector has declined during the same period. This could be caused by a lack of innovation and digital solutions readily available in this sector.  

We already heavily rely on technology to facilitate our day-to-day lives. Sending emails, having access to maps, and literally having the knowledge of the world in our hands. It seems pretty crazy that a dozen years ago we would have never thought that these things would even be possible. Technology is helping us streamline tasks by increasing our accessibility to information. If you are a business owner, you should be thinking of how you can implement this mindset into your business as well. Here are a few things to consider…

More reliable records

As an employer in the construction industry, recording and processing data is tedious, notoriously inaccurate, and takes too long to compile. Take for example the process of submitting timesheets into your payroll system. The time it takes for your employees to fill out these timesheets, get it to the office, then manually entering it into your computer.  Those are 3 long-drawn-out steps… Shouldn’t we be focusing on efficiency?

Digitizing timesheets allows for your employees’ hours to be logged automatically into your system. Turning that 3-step process into 2 clicks. The beauty of going digital, for one, is ditching the binder full of loose sheets and staying more organized. Secondly, pulling up any old records is as simple as searching your database instead of shuffling through a filing cabinet.

Improved communication

Having a workforce that is dispersed at multiple jobs can sometimes pose a great inconvenience for planning and adjusting the schedule on the fly. Sending out schedules at the beginning of the week is great, but working in a fast-paced environment you might find that things can rapidly change. Let’s say for instance you have a crew scheduled to be working outside, but now the forecast is calling for a downpour, what are you going to do? Let me guess, you pick up the phone, start dialing and rescheduling. Once again, this is not efficient!

Having the ability to reschedule your crew directly from your computer and them being notified in real-time just might be the one stop solution. When there are any changes to the schedule, the scope of work, the location, whatever it may be, you can always be one step ahead to prevent lost time for you and your employees. Don’t forget, time IS money.

Where to begin

Changing your old processes might seem daunting, and even though you may think, “Well, it works, why should we change?” After going digital, I’m sure you will find yourself saying, “It works great, why didn’t we try this sooner?” The transition is fairly seamless, it only requires a small initial investment of time but it won’t be long before you see the returns on time and money saved each month. Along with an improved bottom line, you will also be noticing a drastic improvement in productivity throughout your company. As for onboarding employees, there will always be people that are anti-tech, but nowadays, these applications are so simple to use, the learning curve will essentially be non-existent due to the intuitive user-friendly interface.

What’s most important

Once you decide to automate your workforce management processes, you will have more time to grow, be creative and carry out more strategic, executive plans to strengthen your business. At the end of the day, these are the core values of any successful business and will help you get one step ahead of the game. If you haven’t already, you should consider the benefits that automating your workforce management tasks brings to help move your business a step in the right direction today.


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